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Friends Only!

My journal is friends only. Not because I think that anyone really will care to use what I write against me, but it's just generally safer with job stuff and personal stuff for me to restrict my writings to friends.

That said, if you're not on my friends list and want to be, just comment to be added. (And if I won't immediately recognize your username, please mention who you are/how you found me, because I like to know these things.) :)

Thanks for understanding!

New Kitties!

So, yesterday, we took home 2 cats from Tufts. Both of them were "found by" cats, which meant that someone had found them and brought them to Tufts. One of them is a beautiful 8-12 month old gray tabby who is recovering from a broken femur. She's very good with people, but she freaks out with the other animals. So obviously we can't keep her. We might not have taken her, but she was slated to be put down today, so we couldn't let that happen when we could reasonably give her more time. So if anyone wants or knows of anyone who wants a very lovable kitty who would be happiest as an only kitty, let me know. :)

The other one looks just like Kitsune's mini-me. She's about 8 weeks old, long haired, and very sweet. She has roundworms (eew), and she has been classified as possibly "mentally inappropriate." When she came in, she had some facial twitching and drooling, which she hasn't shown since she got to Tufts, and definitely not at all here. She's the calmest little thing I've ever seen. She lets the dog lick her, just calmly sits there while the other cats are freaking out around her, lets people hold her and pick her up and move her... She's a doll. And Kelly really fell in love with her, so it looks like Karl and Kelly are going to adopt her, and she's going to be with us forever. :D I think that she was also slated to be put down, probably not until next week or so.

Kit's afraid of the kitten, but she's afraid of all the animals anyway, so we'll just continue to keep her in the room during the day and let her out at night.

So, yeah, new kitties!!! :D

May. 20th, 2009


Dec. 14th, 2008

OMFG My high school's physics teacher just won Survivor. He's a 60ish year old man. O_O I'm speechless.


I just wrote over 10,000 words in 6 hours. That's doing sprinting, so only writing for half the time. My brain feels like mush, and the tendinitis in my writst hurts like a bitch. But I won. :D

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